AP Biology = Suicide

Goodness. Reading over my last entry, I sounded like someone had spiked my V8. Do I usually make that many side notes?

Anyway, journal, about Advanced Placement Biology…


My first AP Bio test was last week. The test covered only three chapters (the ones I read over the summer), compared to the standard five/six. Sixty multiple-choice questions, one open response. My teacher handed out the tests with a totally evil laugh, reminding us that crying will do us no good. This is seriously what she told us. And so, I took the test.

…And I FAILED. Not my usual type of fail — a C — but an actual failing grade. An F. Below sixty. On a test. WORTH SIXTY PERCENT OF MY GRADE. GOOD GOD, WHAT DID I JUST DO?? DXX

“You must enjoy self-harm” should be the number one requirement for acceptance into this class. Biology has always been my worst class because it’s nothing but straight memorization. I’m more into Chemistry, where you apply what you learn to solve mathy problems, even though I loathe math.

This class moves very quickly, and anyone who knows me knows that I was born slow. I never could finish any of my timed essays under the allotted forty minutes (meaning the writing portion of the SAT will kill me because you’re only allowed twenty-five minutes).

Monday we get to stare at pill bugs for our first lab activity. You know, the common roly poly. It curls into a ball when you poke it.

Excitement. -_________-

I don’t like bugs. Teacher says that they’re technically crustaceans. I still don’t like bugs.

Another note (because I simply cannot avoid the J-pop world for a second): I am determined to not get sucked further into the world of Johnny’s Entertainment. You hear that, Hey!Say!JUMP? I got curious and listened to “Your Seed” because of its popularity, and I’m relieved I don’t like it. But then somehow my fingers attached themselves to the keyboard and typed out “Mayonaka no Shadow Boy” and my eyes got all big when I heard the first four words of the song because ohgoodnesssomeonekillmeIthinkIlikeit. This was EXACTLY what happened when I discovered NEWS. It started with “Bambina,” then moved to “Ai no Matador” (yeah, that’s right, I go for the ero songs first =D), and soon thirty of their songs made their way into my iPod.

Ah, but I’m not worried. The song is catchy at first, but I don’t love it. Their voices still sound really young, and the song gets repetitive after a while. I don’t like baby voices. So it’s all fine. :Dv

Also, HSJ has a billion members, and I prefer smaller groups (which is why I’m kind of glad Uchi and Kusano were suspended from NEWS, even though I love Kusano). I feel less claustrophobic that way. And let’s not forget, half of HSJ are pubescent little children. And even with the ones older than me, I just feel pedo looking at them.

I like me some older men. As in, over twenty. Over the drinking age in Japan. :D Chinen is still a baby right now, and I’d prefer not to see him try to act sexy when he’s only two years older than The Pest.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :(

P.S. During Religion class, I did it — I raised my hand. It took me days to work up the courage, and I finally did it Friday. But I guess it didn’t occur to me that Daisy would look at me directly when it was my turn to speak. Yeah, I forgot that normal people do that. xP  As I thought, he still doesn’t know my name because I never talk to him. He addressed me as “You.”

As I thought, I panicked when he stared at me and I began babbling, speaking rapidly, and stumbling over my words.

After that, I zoned out and daydreamed that Kato-sensei was teaching me instead of creepy Daisy. I wouldn’t mind watching Shige for forty-five minutes. :D

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