T.T I can’t, I just can’t. After the first week of classes, I already know that I’m not gonna make it through the school year alive. Unlike last year, where none of my classes were tough, most of my classes are hard this year. No, not just hard — unbearable.

AP Biology: It’s an AP course; that alone says it all. I have two weeks to learn six monstrous chapters, I can’t stay awake in class, and the pace is waaaaaay too fast for my slow brain. I didn’t do too great with Biology in my freshman year, either.

British Literature: The new teacher is a lunatic. I don’t know what to think of her, but she has roses all over the room and makes us pray the “Hail Mary” at the start of the class. I’ve yet to, er, finish the summer reading.

French III: Finally, a French teacher who knows how to teach! And she’s French, too! Freshman year, the teacher had the most American name I could think of, and last year the teacher spoke with a thick Italian accent and made French sound Spanish and kept calling us senorita. I like this new teacher, but I’ll probably fail her class. She only speaks to us in rapid-fire French. Most of my time is spent staring at her blankly.

PE: Or Gym, which is what everyone calls it. New teacher, and she seems nice. We did all these teamwork building exercises the first class, so I don’t know how a regular class will go. I hope she isn’t harsh.

Pre-Calculus: Yay, my old Chemistry teacher! I like him… but I could never stay awake in his class. Something about the atmosphere. Same applies to this class. I’m in the very front row, so I couldn’t sleep away like I used to when I was squeezed into the back, and yet I still found myself  slipping away. It was a very easy review of Algebra II, and when a teacher tries to teach me something I already know, I completely lose interest.

Religion: Religion with Daisy. Whoopee. I’m trying to hide the fact that I can’t look him in the eyes, that I can’t talk to him without my voice breaking, that his class is the only one where I don’t feel sleepy in because I’m all too aware of his presence.

SAT/Guidance: Er… the teacher/guidance counselor speaks in stream of consciousness. Meaning she says E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G she’s thinking of at the moment. It’s kind of like my jumbled journal writing, with my little side notes and comments inserted into the text. It is extremely distracting -_-;; but funny at the same time.

US History: The teacher is adorable! As in, little-old-lady adorable. And her lectures are actually interesting, so I don’t feel sleepy. But, but, BUT…! She gave us a pop quiz the other day! Askjdiosieudfg ;___; She was awfully gentle and calm about it, saying how she wanted to “see how our learning rates were,” but no one was fooled. In teacher talk, all that means is: “Mwahaha, POP QUIZ!!” I am not happy, because the questions were all ESSAY questions, not multiple choice.

It’s been a while since I talked about my life, huh? I had been swept away in the world of Johnny’s Entertainment the past few weeks (stupid NEWS boys…). This is my journal, after all, so I’m supposed to be talking about me.

Haha, I’ve been watching so many Japanese dramas lately that I think I’m subconsciously beginning to talk like a Japanese person. They’re brainwashing me or something. o_O

For example, in French class, I was about to get the teacher’s attention with “sumimasen.” ;______;

Um, I think I have issues. No more dramas for me for a while. That is, not until Tegoshi’s new special drama comes out.

. . .

By now, I have over thirty NEWS and Tegomass songs on my iPod. I can deny it no longer: I am infatuated. The metrosexual Tegoshi is obviously my favorite, then Shige, Kusano (though he’s no longer a member), and Koyama are next, all tied. The other three (or four, if you count Uchi) don’t have a set order because I need more time to get to know them. I just happened to learn about the other four first. I’m sure they’re all nice guys, though.

Tegoshi Yuya

I’m not certain if it’s normal for me to like Tegoshi, because he acts so girly and pretty that it worries me. XP After seeing many photos of him, I have deduced that his favorite color must be pink, even though he now claims it’s black to make himself seem manlier. He certainly looks great in pink. :DDD There are times when I’d see pictures of NEWS and wonder, “Huh? Who’s that pretty chick in the cor — oh. Of course.”

This boy must be every homophobe’s nightmare, although I’m sure he’s straight. Or straight-ish. I don’t know, maybe he’s a closet bi or something. He slashes himself with every member of NEWS, and it WORKS :D, which I find awesome. I think he was trying to kiss Yamapi in this one photo. See, if celebrities did things like this in America it would be all over the tabloids. Didn’t that Miley chick do the exact same thing with a friend and everyone went completely asdfghjkl over it?

It’s funny how such a bubbly person can land so many emo roles in dramas. Heh, I’d like to see him in the role of a hardcore playboy for some reason. xD He’s grown up to be so self-centered, selfish, and slutty — and I think that’s exactly why I love him. His voice is… asdffgfdalwfapwqjgksk. I have no words to express how much I love his singing.

He can charm the pants off of everyone. Which he literally does in numerous fics. Which I enjoy. I did hear from a number of sources (Ryo, Kame and Koki of KAT-TUN, Shibutani Subaru of Kanjani, Nagase Tomoya of TOKIO, everyone from Itte Q, lol) that he is a HUGE pervert — and although he does defend himself, he never denies these claims. Which must mean they’re true, right? Er… I do wonder HOW he is a pervert, though. Touching girls indecently? Trying to glimpse down their shirts? Watching, um, videos? THE FANS WOULD LIKE TO KNOW.

(He did admit once that when he was younger, he was a little brat who would look up girls’ skirts and run up to them and kiss them on the cheek. Geez, no wonder he couldn’t get a date. -_-;;)

We are nearly complete opposites in every way, yet I adore this guy so much. I only wish he’d stop losing weight because his baby fat is all gone. His cheeks aren’t chubby and pinchable anymore. I kinda miss fat!Tego.


Kato Shigeaki

Shige is probably the most sane one in NEWS, according to the NEWS fanfics out there. He’s a lot like me, in that he loves writing. It’s so obvious that this guy puts a ton of effort into his novel-length Jweb entries that are absolutely hilarious. I like his husky speaking voice. =D His singing voice sounds like Ryo’s at times (it took me ages to figure out that “Ai Nante” is not a duet). People don’t love him enough and that makes me sad.  His singing isn’t awesome and neither is his dancing, but when it comes to Shige, I don’t really care. I just love watching him fail.

He was the one to convert me to the dark side, to the world of boy love.

Every time I watch a clip of his kiss scene in his latest play SEMINAR, I die a little inside. That was NOT a simple kiss scene; that was TWENTY seconds of making out with the luckiest girl in the world.

Some people *actually* find him ugly, to which I say, Shige is damn beautiful. Especially here, at 0:28. I flailed really hard. Koyama’s reaction x 10 = my reaction. Uchi’s “kuchizuke wo” in I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI is only hot when Shige sings it.

Kusano Hironori

KUSANO! I really want him to return to NEWS (or at least let us know he’s not dead and rotting somewhere), but at the same time I don’t because seven members is such a terribly odd number. And because I like six-member NEWS. His first solo in “Devil or Angel” is the reason I even listen to that song. I really don’t know why I like this guy. Maybe because of his role in “Ie ga Tooi” that suited him almost too well. xD And because he’s hyper like Tegoshi with tons of idiocy stirred in. And because he’s the one closest to me in age but is still five years older. There’s something devilish and bad-boyish about him that draws the good-girl part of me to him. I heard he went to New York to study dancing for a while before returning to Japan. Oh, how I wish I knew about him sooner so that I could flail over knowing that he was only a state away from me. I wonder if he knows enough conversational English now.

Oh, the boy’s got some moves! He probably was the best dancer in NEWS alongside Massu. I loved his voice, too.

Koyama Keiichiro

And Koyama (teehee, Koyamama ^o^) is just plain awesome. He may not be the best looking in my opinion (though he does have many omg!HOT moments, especially when he’s wearing a plain black wifebeater — that shows off his lovely arms — and glasses along with his jeans), but I love this guy to smithereens. Him and his wonderful member-ai that fuels numerous fics. There are times when it seems he’s the most innocent one in the group — but then I’d remember his duets with Shige and his dangerous hip rolls and what he says in interviews and his sexy photoshoots and his obsession with boobs and completely trash that theory. I mean, he’s 25, which must mean he’s got at least some experience with the ladies.

(Eek, the fangirl in me growls at the thought of the NEWS boys having experience with women. I can’t imagine Tego at all. Or maybe I just don’t want to.)

People seem to hate his singing voice, but I kind of like it. (It sounds especially nice in ero songs :D) Although, in my early days of ogling the NEWS boys — ahem, last month — I had a hard time distinguishing his, Massu’s, and Tegoshi’s voices during certain parts in songs. I don’t make that mistake anymore. -_- His voice is a little sharper and more nasally than the rest of NEWS. Ah, and KoyaShige is <33. Makes me wonder how he’ll react if he someday becomes fluent in English and reads about the situations fangirls put him and Shige in. xD

He’d probably like it.

Baby Tesshi makes me lol so hard. He looks like the awkward younger brother you would constantly pick on. Puberty was kind to him. Oh yes, puberty was very kind to him. His teeth~ ^o^ It makes him so, so, so adorable! He’s around my age in this picture, and yet he looks about ten. I believe him now when he said that he had been rejected three times by girls, pre-NEWS debut. -coughIprobablywouldhavetoocough-

Anyway, if I edit out Massu — sorry, man D: — and look at the three youngest NEWS members, the photo reminds me of this puberty pamphlet (also known as THE MOST AWKWARD THING EVER DDD:) I received from my doctor four years ago. It told me how everyone grows at their own pace, and I thought this picture was the perfect illustration.

Tegoshi is clearly the late bloomer, Kusano is exactly where he needs to be, and Shige has matured just a teeny too much. And they are all about the same age.

GAH, my next entry I’m going to talk about me, I swear. No NEWS, just me.

I love how I had to create a “Fangirling” category for this entry.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

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