What’s Love?

…AKA “Ai Nante” by Tegoshi Yuya, Nishikido Ryo, and Kato Shigeaki of NEWS. You know, that all-male singing group I swore I would never like in a million years but became completely infatuated with.

IT’S ALL TEGOSHI’S FAULT. He seduced me with his singing. TT-TT

It took me days to record a *decent* version of “Ai Nante.” I’m used to singing it without the music because I always sing slower than the original version, so I messed up a lot. The one part I had to record over and over was the bridge. Tegoshi can sing so effing HIGH (God, the bridge in “Koi no ABO” o____O), and I prefer singing LOW.

The end result was okay. But I still didn’t like the sound of my voice. My parents tell me that I have a strange accent when I talk, a different accent than the rest of the family. I talk as though I’m perpetually drunk: slow, drawling, slurred. Put that together with the scratchiness of my voice — which I think came from my voice not healing correctly after I got laryngitis — and it shows when I’m singing. And god, what’s up with my pronunciation? I don’t remember singing the words like that. I must have been sleepier than I thought.

So I chipmunked it again. ^-^ My accent seems to slightly vanish when I raise the pitch.

Now that’s done, I really need to finish my Cardcaptor Sakura one-shot. I tried to finish it for yesterday, the anniversary of Forget-Me-Not, but I failed. My writing skills are deteriorating. Everything I write sounds TERRIBLE.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :)

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