Miso Happy ^-^

I have a t-shirt with a bowl of miso soup and the words “Miso Happy” on it. Well, had. Mama threw it out (for no reason at all!) so I can’t take a picture of it. T-T But why am I suddenly talking about happiness and miso soup?


This is a big cause for celebration because I managed to accomplish something for once. Yay, I’m not a failure!

I recorded my voice and decided that I hate it. My voice, that is. I raised the pitch slightly (by 12%) on Audacity and it sounded like a chipmunk singing. It sounded… better. D:

But, uh, it still sounds rather bad.

The song I sang was the English version of Miso Soup” by Tegomass. I had been listening to it nonstop for days, and I can tell their voices apart easily now. Tegoshi’s incredible voice is stronger than Massu’s and he has a very in-your-face vibrato that he can’t seem to control. I can also tell he’s singing by the way he breathes (which makes me sound slightly creepy for paying such close attention, but I couldn’t help but notice that he breathes quite loudly at the end of his lines).

Massu’s voice is lighter, I think. Not higher — because he can sing rather low — but lighter. Makes me think of whipped cream. Ohh… Massu and whipped cream. He sings in such a soft and pretty way that reminds me of his teddy bear-like appearance. Just look at how cute and squishable he is!

Those chubby cheeks! -flails-

Anyway, the video itself is very, very, very basic, but never mind that. I’m already well aware of my horrific computer skills. Here is the result of my two-in-the-morning singing:

It’s not the full song, I missed a note within the first 10 seconds, I’m breathing way too loudly, and you can hear all the background noises I’m making. But still!


Until next time,

~ Mimi ^___^

5 thoughts on “Miso Happy ^-^

  1. hi there…..well how did i get here?? Massu’s pict attracts me..so ..now im here at ur page..
    i’ve listened to ur version of MIsoSoup…wahhhh its so kawaiii … seriously it did sound like chipmunks..but so cute..

  2. Aw, thank you! ^-^ I’ll probably redo it someday because I was off a few notes and the quality isn’t so great. Maybe I’ll even use my real voice, without making it sound all chipmunk-like.

    And yes, that picture of Massu is very cute. =)

  3. ur voice is so cute.

  4. Heh, unfortunately, it’s not my real voice. It’s really me singing, but I just made it a little higher. So it would sound better. But thanks anyway! :D

  5. OMG i love the way you sing! Its so cute and unique haahah and not in a bad way, realli like how u sing itt ^^

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