Fangirl Mode

Yup, yup, I’m in my rare fangirl mode right now. There are only two men in this world I will ever fangirl over, and those men are Ikuta Toma and Ohno Satoshi. (Haha, I highlighted their names in girly colors. ^o^) I was on cloud nine as I watched these two multi-talented guys act together in the Japanese drama Maou. Ohno was convincingly evil and awesome, so much that I was scared to sleep at night. I admit Toma’s acting wasn’t the best in that drama, but I did love it whenever he cried. Oh yes, I loved it very much. =) His hair was black for once. See?

It is very difficult for me to believe that Ohno is twenty-eight and older than Toma, not with that beautifully chubby face. I like men with chubby faces. ^^ Loving Toma’s intense expression here. <3

Ah, but today I am hyped up over Ohno, so no talking about Toma. :(

So. I generally don’t like thinking of whether or not I’m a guy’s “type,” but so many of these things applied to me that I figured, “Why not? This my journal, after all.”

I just read in an interview (forgive me for forgetting where exactly D:) that the girls Ohno prefers are foreigners. Well, I am obviously foreign since I live in the US and don’t have a drop of Japanese blood in me.

I also heard that his fellow Arashi members decided, for some odd reason, that there should be a big age gap between his girlfriend and him. I am twelve years younger than him, which must be sufficient. (Of course, it would be considered illegal, but still.) ^-^ Not sure if Ohno himself confirmed this, but oh well.

He does not like girls who flaunt their bodies in miniskirts and sexy clothing (I swear, I’m not making this up to make myself feel better, even though, yes, it makes me feel better). This sent a rush of euphoria through my veins because I don’t own a single miniskirt — well, I do, but I never wear it, not without tights or leggings under, at least — and I am the least sexy person I know.

In fact, right now I have my hair in a high ponytail, I’m wearing glasses, and I have on a black t-shirt and track pants. Not sexy at all. I fail so much at fashion that I purposely dress in ugly clothing.

Besides being infatuated (a much nicer word than “obsessed,” don’t you think?) with Ohno, I adore Ohmiya with all my heart. Ohmiya SK is the name of Ohno and Nino’s comedy skit duo during their concerts, but among us fangirls, it’s frequently used to name the lovely Ohno and Nino pairing. Because it’s rather obvious that there’s something different and touchy-feely about their relationship. Nino usually initiates, which makes Ohno a very cute uke. XD

Anyway, I got excited because I noticed an Ohmiya moment all by myself, without someone pointing it out to me! I found it in one of their PVs, “We Can Make It.” (That was actually the first Arashi song I ever heard.) Ohno looks very young and cute here.

There, there, at 2:05! Notice how Nino has his arm around Ohno. I can’t tell if it’s Ohno’s or Nino’s hand that’s running down Ohno’s side, but I’m hoping it’s Nino’s. I am about to burst from pride.

…All right, fine. I admit that Nino is NOT holding Ohno to his side and that they’re only standing really close. But let a girl dream, won’t you? I’m counting this as a semi-Ohmiya moment because even though they’re not REALLY hugging, they are standing a lot closer than necessary.

The only thing upsetting me right now is the fact that Ohno doesn’t know I exist. TT-TT

Despite all this, I am still not a fan of Arashi, you hear me? I swear, I AM NOT. And I definitely do not have three of their songs in my iPod right now that I constantly listen to over and over. Nope, nope, nope, I don’t. Nor have I fallen in love with Tegoshi Yuya’s voice, that dude from the group-I-swore-with-all-my-heart-to-despise, aka NEWS. I am definitely not listening to “Bambina” and replaying Tegoshi’s lovely solo over and over again at this moment, either.

And I don’t find Tegoshi’s grin incredibly captivating at all.

Nope, nope, nope.

Until next time,

~ Mimi <3

2 thoughts on “Fangirl Mode

  1. Ohno recently said that he has no preference when it comes to the age of girls. Whether they’re a lot younger, or a lot older, or the same age, it’s more important to him that their hobbies and personalities match.

  2. Oh, is this recent? I wrote this post and read the interview I mentioned quite a while ago, and the interview itself is rather old, so I figured Ohno would change by now.
    Thanks for the info, though. :D

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