Experiencing the World

I always get this Kid in a Candy Store look in my eyes whenever my writing class heads out for our trip. We travel by bus and train. I haven’t been on a bus for a while, and the last time I had been on a train was back in fourth grade.

Irene gave me her extra card thing people use to pay for their transportation fares. The thing is, I didn’t know how to use it.

On the bus last Wednesday, I thought the driver was very kind as he patiently showed me how to put money into the card. I felt bad for the people waiting behind me (and the cars I was holding up) while I fumbled with my money. xP


Five seconds after I stepped into the train for the first time in six years, I was the only person to fall backwards as the train lurched forward. People stared. I was giggling like an idiot.

Later, on another train, I stumbled onto Irene. Who is four-foot-eight compared to my five-foot-three. Luckily, I grabbed onto the pole for dear life and didn’t crush her completely. I’m sure Irene was very thankful for that. And then, and then, and THEN —

Billy fell on me.

You know, it’s been a while since I liked a boy. I mean, REALLY liked a boy. I see boys all the time and I briefly obsess over how cute they are, but it’s a natural reaction. No attachment whatsoever. But with Billy, it’s different. It’s a full-blown — dare I say it — crush.

I don’t know him that well, but from what I’ve seen so far, he’s not like other guys. Yeah, yeah, that’s what all chicks say, but I am being entirely serious. He’s oddly polite, which is mega rare for a teen boy these days. Today, he was five minutes late as we waited for the bus to arrive. His sheepish “Sorry!” on the opposite side of the street was too adorable for words.

Underground, while we waited for the T, there was this wonderful trumpet player playing in the corner. I wanted to pay him but I only had huge bills with me. That I stole from The Pest. (One hundred dollars exactly, to be precise. Heh, heh.) But Billy was the only person to approach this strange trumpet man and drop money into the hat at his feet. My eyes sparkled with admiration. And then I struggled to ignore him when he sat down next to me on the train.

*mumbles* He’s got really pretty legs.

His personality is warm whenever I see him talking to the teacher or Edwin. But his stare is a bit creepy, though. So cold. We were all sitting/lying in a circle at a park today. Sometimes, when I looked up from my notebook, Billy would be staring right back at me with his unblinking dark blue eyes. Since I never could look anyone directly in the eyes, I would flush scarlet and duck my head back into my notebook.

I’m a hopeless case, aren’t I?

Anyway, done with that.

Ah, I almost forgot: we have two more members, Alissa and Jayne. I don’t really know much about them because they really only talk to each other. They are certainly friendly, but they’re inseparable. They’re both incoming seniors (my jaw dropped when they told me that because they look wicked young) and attend the same school. Err, what else… Oh, Alissa can drive and Jayne can’t. Jayne is a vegetarian. And that’s all I really know about them so far.

Until next time,

~ Mimi <3

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