The first day of the writing class…

…began with awful, awful cramps.

I often wonder what it would be like if I were a boy. Must be lovely.

After shutting off the alarm clock, I curled up into a tight little ball in utter agony. I thought, This is a foreboding of what will happen.

But, you know, the class was actually pretty fun. It was the first day, the class size was small (six plus the teacher), and no one knew each other except Irene and me, so it was generally quiet and awkward. I love the teacher, though, probably because she reminds me of my English teacher last year. They dress, talk, and even kind of look like each other.

And she’s nice, which helps.

I wasn’t expecting to see any males in the class, so I was pretty relaxed as I freewrote beside another girl. Because I go to an all-girls school, I’d become accustomed to an all-female environment. I became twitchy when the first male arrived. When the second came in, I was almost shaking with nervousness. I knew about my little… issue whenever I’m in the same room as an unfamiliar male, but I hadn’t realized how severe it was. Hmm, I wonder if my parents can afford to send me to a psychologist for help…

Anyway, just thought I’d briefly profile each member for future reference. In alphabetical order.

Billy: Incoming sophomore. Very tall. Blond. Stony. Handsome. Plays the PIANO. Doesn’t have an email address. Thinks turkey is “bearable.” Kept taking a sip of his Sprite every five minutes during the film.

Edwin: Incoming freshman. Cute and baby-faced. Seems teacher’s pet-like. Plays piano. Appears to be intelligent. Has shifty eyes. Suspicious looking.

Irene: Incoming sophomore. Goes to school with me. Proud otaku. Caught the swine flu during her last week of school and had to miss all exams. Owns a bento. Greeted me with a squishy hug from behind. Short and lovable. Loves talking.

Joan: Incoming sophomore. Strange individual. Knows the teacher. Likes drawing. Fellow anime and J-pop lover. Talkative and friendly. Never gets into trouble. Wears glasses.

Kandy: Incoming freshman. Quiet. Writes mainly poetry. Going to attend the same prestigious school I was accepted into but turned down two years ago.

And I’m not gonna profile myself.

There’s going to be another member, but she’s foreign and will only be staying in the country for a month, so she’ll be attending some meetings. I’ll be sure to profile her when she arrives, maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, I will keep an eye on these new characters.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :P

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