Waking Up Arashi

I had a dream this morning. And I remember it perfectly because the alarm clock for The Pest rang near the end of the dream.

The Pest and I, unfortunately, share a room. He’s a gangly, awkward little dude and yet he gets the queen-sized bed. I’m stuck with the single bed that’s too small for me. D:

In my dream, I’m sleeping in my bed. The Pest’s bed is there too, only he’s not in it. The five members of the Japanese boy band Arashi are squeezed into that one bed. All wearing white wifebeaters and plaid boxers and sharing one comforter.

Mind you, even though I know their names/nicknames and am infatuated with them, I don’t listen to their music that much. As beautiful and dorky as they are, they’re still a boy band. I really only got into them because my favorite Japanese actor, Ikuta Toma, is rather close with them.

/still against boy bands

My job that morning was to wake them up so they can go to school. Seventh grade. Even though they are all in their mid to late twenties. xP

They wouldn’t get up when I called them. However, there were conveniently five spare pillows on my bed, one for each member. One by one they grudgingly woke up as I hurled my fluffy pillows of doom at them.

The first was Aiba:

Then Jun got up next:

Then came Nino:

And then Ohno, my personal favorite, even though (or maybe because) he always looks stoned =P:

Sho, however, was quite stubborn. He refused to wake up, not even after I threw the pillow at him.

(Ohhh, he’s pretty. :D)

Even after I threw my last pillow at him, the one I had been sleeping on, he still didn’t get up. In fact, he fought back. With a fifteen-pound doll. Made of lead. I left him alone after that. Sheesh, Sho. -__-

And then I woke up, and I had to wake up The Pest. At that time, I guess didn’t realize it was all a dream. That is, not until after I drowsily murmured in the general direction of The Pest’s bed:Why are you all dogpiled on top of each other?”

It wasn’t until I heard his confused “Huh?” did I understand that it was all a dream. A hallucination. Part of my imagination. T-T

After my brother left for school, I played Kingdom Hearts II for six hours straight to celebrate my first Monday of summer vacation.

Until next time,

~ Mimi =P

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