Ahh, sweet freedom. School is over and done, and I’m free until September. I think my school got out around the same time California kids got out, which rarely happens because students in Cali start school early (late August, I think) and end school early (in late May/early June). Too bad for The Pest, though. He goes to public school and they all get out late late late in June. Heh, sucks to be him.

I really should be deciding on what I’m going to do in the future. The SATs are next year, after all. My parents are urging me to be a pharmacist, which I absolutely refuse. God, can you imagine someone as artistic and spacey as me being a pharmacist? I’d rather study to be a doctor than go into pharmacy. Blech. Maybe I will aim for the medical field. I’m not cut out to be a psychologist, like I planned. Too chatty. So, doctor it is, then! I will probably drop out halfway through, though. I’m too much of a slacker.

You know, something very interesting happened two days ago. After I came home from school, I dropped dead on the sofa and slipped into a coma-like sleep. The phone rang, and The Pest picked up. He woke me up and handed the phone over to me. Still in dreamland, I answered with an extremely light, airy, and sleepy “Hello…?” because I figured it was Corr who called. She’s the only one who ever calls me, anyway.

Well, it wasn’t. It was the vice-principal of my school.

I jolted up as though lightning struck me, thinking, “Oh crap, I’m in trouble.” But the VP must have read my mind and told me I wasn’t in any trouble. She informed me that my beloved English teacher submitted my name to the teacher at this summer writing workshop in the same city my school is in. She asked me if I wanted to attend the program and that I should give her my answer tomorrow, on the last day of school.

Turns out that the program is six hours a day, three days a week for four weeks. It’s a huge commitment. AND it’s mega-expensive. So even if I decided to tell her yes, the Old Man will never pay for it because we’re short on money right now.

But, surprisingly he reluctantly told me during dinnertime I can accept the offer. Hehe, gotta love my God-given gift of persuasion. :Db

So I did. I accepted it. And you know what?

The vice principal emailed me with more details about the program. I still have to fill out the application, but I don’t have to write the required essay and I DON’T have to pay the tuition. Someone is sponsoring me and will pay for me. So that means I’m free to go!

Hopefully, participating in this writing workshop will help me write again. It would be a shame to not be able to write over the summer. Speaking of writing, I’m trying really hard to finish the ninth chapter of Forget-Me-Not, which I’ve pretty much ignored for nine months. My readers probably forgot all about me already. =(

But I’m getting rather serious about writing lately. I’ve even started a freewriting journal, which I have titled SPIRIT. Every day, I freewrite about anything for at least ten minutes. They aren’t supposed to be journal entries. If they ever do start out like journal entries, I make sure to steer in another direction and talk about something else.

Resolutions Update:

#25. Acquire more than four hours of sleep a night – Failed! (For the past three weeks, I have gotten a mere two hours of sleep, sometimes less. I despise school.)

#52. Sing solo in front of people – Accomplished!

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^^

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