Last Week: A Synopsis

God, this past week was BUSY. In addition to practically living at school, I’d been preparing for the wedding today. Just came back from the modest wedding ceremony, where the bride and groom made their vows. My cousin Ame made a gorgeous bridesmaid, the flower girl was adorable, and the bride was simply stunning. When asked if she would take the man as her husband, this was how she replied:

Bride: (Bouncing on her toes) I do, I do, I do!

And, of course, everyone laughed. I have a bit of time before the huge reception, so I’m going to describe my week.


There was this mad dash to complete my religion essay on sex and sexuality. A rather awkward essay to write, since I had to include examples from a commercial for Trojan condoms, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and lyrics from “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy” by Tata Young. I finished the essay at 5:45 am, Monday morning.

I gave it to Corr to peer edit, and she returned it to me with many suggestions on how to improve it; she had a problem with my writing style. I admit, I’m rather defensive when it comes to my writing, so she struck a sensitive spot. I really didn’t want to offend her because she’s my friend, so I just kept my mouth shut. Because if I opened my mouth, I’d tell her about how I truly feel about her essay in addition to the marks I already made on her paper. She’s not the best writer in the world.

I feel so awkward now because I was the only sophomore to get a hundred on that paper. Teacher told me it was so beautiful. .____.


Hmm. Monday was all a blur. I seriously don’t remember a single detail from that day.

Oh, never mind, I do remember.

I had Honor Guard practice. All members of student council, club council, and National Honor Society had to show up and practice to “guard” the seniors at their graduation Wednesday night. What we do is create a path from the school to the chapel for the graduating class of 2009 to walk through. I was standing inside the gym; some were outside. Another purpose of the Honor Guard is to link hands and prevent eager parents from busting through to their daughter as they process down the aisle and outside to throw their caps. It looks really pretty.


Choir had been practicing for the baccalaureate mass for the seniors. Since many of our members are seniors, we had to make due with the few members who showed up. There was choir rehearsal in the morning, 7:00 am, then we had to meet again at 5:00 pm to rehearse for an hour. The liturgy was at 6:30 pm.

I also had a Literary Magazine meeting that day, after school at 2:30. Since I hated to bother the Old Man and make him pay the extra two dollars for the toll, I stayed at school until the liturgy. It turns out that I’m going to be the club representative for Literary Magazine next year! The bad thing is, I’m going to have to attend every single club council meeting and show up at each school function. T-T

And in the hours before the hour long choir rehearsal started, we (Merry, Corr, our wonderful piano player Song, and myself) did our homework in our choir director’s classroom. She’s also my religion teacher. Merry is a H-U-G-E fan of those Jonas Brothers, especially Nick. I don’t hate their songs or anything — nor do I have anything against the boys themselves — but as for their voices… um, not such a huge fan. I wouldn’t mind listening to them if Nick learned to get rid of those strange noises he makes at the end of his lines. She stuck her iPod in our choir director’s iPod speakers and blasted Jonas Brothers into the room as I tried to do my work.

I jammed my ear buds into my ears and cranked up the volume to drown out the music. Ahh, peace.

Half an hour later, CRAP, my iPod runs out of power. And I’m stuck listening to the JoBros. Somebody kill meeeeeeeee. When it was Corr’s turn to use the speakers, she got rid of Nick’s screeching, thankfully. But… she’s a fan of heavy metal and scary, gothic songs. O_o

Then I went home at 7:30, had dinner, did homework, and got two hours of sleep that day.


If I thought Tuesday was tiring, Wednesday killed me. It was the day of graduation for the seniors, and Honor Guard had to be present. We had to stand without leaning against the bleachers of the gym for an hour. I’m just glad there’s only fifty-something girls in the senior class. The cap and gown are white, which looks surprisingly pretty. That was the calmer part of that day.

Before graduation, about twenty of us Honor Guard girls who decided to stay after school went into the cafeteria to do homework. Pfft, homework. Right. That didn’t really happen. It started out that way, at least. Then I discovered…

the helium tank.

Lil Bro often calls me a druggie who likes to get high. Why? Because I love getting shots and I LOVE inhaling helium. Carlie and a couple of her friends were filling maroon and gold — school colors — balloons with helium for the graduation. I guess Laney really loves helium too, because she got REALLY excited when she found out about the helium tank. Together, we bounded over to Carlie, who gave each of us a helium-filled balloon.

The madness began there.

Everyone laughed at our high pitched voices, and soon they all got a taste of the helium. Some whipped out cameras to record the hilarity. But everyone loved it when it was my turn to talk. They told me it’s extra hilarious when I talk because… well, I rarely talk. My friends learned that day that I am definitely not a quiet girl when there’s not a huge crowd around me. In fact, I’m rather loopy. Helium just makes me feel so light and airy and just on top of the world. I was so happy and I felt that nothing could hurt me. I had three balloonfuls of helium.

But then my stomach started to hurt and I was feeling lightheaded, not great at all. Turns out that helium can harm your lungs, can cause brain damage, and can possibly lead to death. No more helium for me, thank you.

Angel: It’s just like what we’re studying in Health class. The effects of drug use on the body.

The chaos didn’t end there, though. The dean of students gave Corr a gigantic wad of cash to pay for pizzas. We all clearly saw her accept the money and put it in her backpack for safekeeping. Then Corr bounced off to fool around with the other girls, fueled by helium.

It was almost time for them to pick up the pizzas, but then Corr’s voice rang out, panicked and shrill, “Where did the money go?”

The mad search for the money began. I helped. We turned her backpack inside out, quite literally. We turned the cafeteria inside out. We even asked Corr to strip (don’t worry, she didn’t ^__^;;) to see if she tucked the money under her clothes and forgot about it, which girls sometimes do. The money was nowhere to be found. Some believe that Corr took the money, and there was a large sum of money in her wallet. She claimed it was all hers, but it certainly was a suspicious coincidence. Corr ended up paying for the pizzas herself, since she didn’t want to tell the dean of students the truth.

And THAT was my Wednesday. Again, two hours of sleep.


Thursday was tranquil. I had Health class that day, where I discovered a shocking fact about myself. The teacher was pretending to offer a student a beer. Student refused. Teacher insisted. Student was adamant.

If I were in that student’s position, I’d do the same thing. I can’t stand alcohol. That wasn’t the shocking thing I discovered about myself, though. What shocked me so much was that I realized that if the teacher had been offering me weed, I might have said yes.

I had no idea my issues were so serious. o___O

I had an Anime club meeting, also. It was relaxing, unlike the previous two days. I had to design my own anime.


No school because it’s Professional Day! I slept the whole day through. I deserve it.

…And that was my week. It’s time for me to get ready for the wedding reception, so I better sign off.

Until next time,

~ Mimi =D

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