A Real Life Hitachiin Hikaru <33

I guess it’s true that good girls are attracted to bad boys.

Me = good girl

Hitachiin Hikaru (from Ouran High School Host Club) = bad boy

He’s not exactly a bad boy, but he’s definitely a little more mischievous than his twin. Kaoru is lovely, too, but I prefer the moody Hikaru. Even though he’s not real. D=

During the past week I got myself addicted to my very first Japanese drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen Paradise (For You in Full Blossom ~ Hottie Paradise), aka Hana-Kimi, which is based on the manga that I just finished and absolutely loved. This is precisely why I try to avoid any sort of Japanese entertainment. I stayed up until two in the morning every night until I finished the drama and manga.  And my alarm clock goes off at four so I can get ready for school in time. Clearly I need to work on my self-control.

I was more into Sano Izumi in the manga because I saw a whole lot of his personality and thoughts. HOWEVER, I instantly became infatuated with  Nakatsu Shuichi in the drama. Normally I don’t go for Asian guys, but I immediately became addicted to this guy the moment I saw him. My main reason?

Because he looks like a real life Hitachiin Hikaru, especially in episode 10 when looked so princely dancing with Mizuki. If Ouran High School Host Club ever goes live action, the actor playing Nakatsu needs to play Hikaru.

Here’s Hikaru:


Squee-worthy, indeed. He’s exactly my age, too.

And here’s Nakatsu, played by the beautiful and wonderful Ikuta Toma in the drama:


I admit, it was the hair that got me. It’s even parted the same way Hikaru parts his.

Ooh, he really looks like Hikaru here. He has that “What are you looking at?” thing going on in his face. His hair’s all spiked up and Hikaru-perfect, and his clothes definitely look like something Hikaru would wear. I want his scarf.


Here’s a medley of him. I love how he can switch from looking cute to cool. ^-^

Awww. He’s adorably baby-faced and pouty in this picture. I wonder how old he was here? He seems so young.

In contrast to that last picture, he looks a little more mature in this next one BUT STILL SO CUTE. I like the glasses look on him.

Oh. Wow. Deadly and gorgeous. A lovely combination.

Words cannot express how cool he looks in this picture.

Eeee, it’s him back in his school days! He looks dorky-cute with his glasses. Or maybe just dorky. :D

Hehe, this is one of my favorite scenes in Hana-Kimi. They had to kiss twelve times to get it perfect. I wonder what could possibly be going through their heads. I’d love to be in Maki’s place.


I am completely in love with his guy. At least, I’m in love with Nakatsu. I really like the concept of Nakatsu, which is the other reason why I like him so much. He fell in love with a fellow classmate, Ashiya Mizuki, who is actually a girl but he believed was a boy, leaving him constantly questioning his sexuality. I’m probably so infatuated with his character because I can relate with his situation.

One thing I learned about myself after I finished watching the series and reading the manga: I really, really, really, really like gay boys. Especially gay boys kissing. Or any two males kissing, for that matter. I feel like a perv now.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^////^

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