An Essay About Apples

I found these amazing little candies today in this Asian supermarket I’ve never been to before. They’re tiny and cube-shaped and colorful and fruity and come in eight intense flavors and are a gift from God. (Yes, it’s painfully obvious I’ve attended Catholic schools all my life.) Boy, was I ever surprised to find a packet of Cubyrop there, just waiting for me to take home. I first discovered Cubyrop on a random website one day last year. I really wanted to try some, but I had no idea where they were sold. I just KNEW they looked familiar when I saw them!

I feel very cheerful now after I had some. So I went and unearthed an old essay o’ mine. It looked better on Microsoft Word, though.

Written by me in the ninth grade. *Clears throat* Here I go.


I like apples. You like apples. We all like apples. Yayness.  Apples are <3. They are shiny. They are red. They taste good. Apples are not oranges. Apples can also be green, yellow, or both.

I like apples very much.Yay, now switching to pretty light blue. Psst. I am writing about apples. Apples are juicy. Apples like me. Do you like apples? Apples are good for you. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You should eat more apples.


should like apples. HoW cAN YOu noT liKE

aPplEs? They are the best things ever created in the history of



— An [astonishing]

essay by: Mimi  =)

And if you don’t like apples I will personally hunt you down and throw apples at you. You deserve it, you apple hater. Mwahahahaha.

Thank you. ^________^



…If I ever submit this to a teacher they’ll ship me off the loony bin before I can even say “apple.”

Until next time,

~ Mimi =D

P.S. I really don’t like apples all that much. I prefer citrus.

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