Three down, one to go.

The Old Man had been sick for over a week, since last Friday. It started with a fever (100.9, but I accidentally read it as 109, scaring Mama to death). After that, the sore throat and coughs came. Still coughing up a storm right now.

Mama caught the flu five days after the old man did. She’s planning on taking tomorrow, Monday, off from work. No fever, but she talks really funny because of her sore throat.

Meanwhile, I was off prancing around the house, singing about how I, the only one who had yet to get the flu shot, felt perfectly healthy. The Pest was fine, too, but he spends his life upstairs, where the rest of the family rarely goes.


I woke up today. And I couldn’t talk. At all. My voice wasn’t even raspy; it came out as a barely audible whisper. All the phlegm built up in my throat and made it impossible for me to talk. I still feel like crap. My throat hurts like hell whenever I swallow and it dries up if I don’t take a sip of water every five minutes. At the moment, my throat feels as though Little Bro had pummeled it repeatedly the day before.

He must be feeling so triumphant right now, being the only non-sick member of the family. We’ll see how long you can hold that title, Brother.

I’m thrilled there’s a snow day tomorrow. School would have been hell.

Fingers are too cold to type up my resolutions update, but I’m putting up a photo to cheer me up.


Aren’t they adorable? They all have names, but that’s for another entry. Odin’s three-color scarf makes him look so adorable! Teddy (lime green) was missing at the time this photo was taken, but I found him. With most of his pretty fur curiously stripped away.

I can’t take photographs for my life.

Until next time,

~ Mimi Dx

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