Yes, dear journal. I have returned from the dead!

Has it really been a month? Had I really been so busy that I didn’t realize I’d been neglecting my journal? Silly me, of course it has. I do this all the time. I get so caught up in everything that’s been going on that I can’t remember anything else. Since I have so much to tell, I’ll just write a bit about everything.

~ All A’s on my report card. This is to be expected, of course. I devote such a huge chunk of my time to my studies that it’s impossible for me to NOT get all A’s. My religion teacher would not believe me when I mentioned that I’m one of the laziest people in existence, and that I only do my homework because of my dreadfully guilty conscience.

Me: For me, my tendency to drop everything and sleep is my biggest obstacle because I’m a really lazy person
Teacher: Woah, woah, stop right there. Who in this room thinks Mimi is lazy?

And only one person raised her hand, and that was because I sit next to her in Religion class and she sees just how lazy I am at times ( i.e. sleeping in the middle of class).

~ Right now, in my inbox, I have ninety-one emails from private colleges all around the US. Several of the schools emailed me more than once, persistent little buggers. Eighteen schools even spam-mailed me letters. This started happening after I received my PSAT scores. I scored higher than:

  • 94% of sophomores in Critical Reading
  • 65% of sophomores in Mathematics (I always did suck at math D=)
  • 95% of sophomores in Writing Skills
  • 80% of college-bound juniors

Apparently, these scores were sent to colleges everywhere, and they’re supposedly “impressed” with my “talent” and “achievements,” and that’s why they’re flooding me with mail. At first, I thought they were sending stuff to anyone who had taken the PSAT (which is probably the case for half of the schools), but then my friends told me they only tried to contact potentially smart people. I should probably tell them that I am not smart at all, and that grades tell nothing about one’s actual intelligence.

Reminds me of the time when I took the test to get into this famous public school and ended up with a ranking of 8 out of 2000 test takers. I was really only halfway through with the Math portion when they told us to put down our pencils so they could collect the test booklets. Since I sat at the end of the table, I discreetly filled in random bubbles while some guy collected the test.

~ I haven’t written a new chapter for Forget-Me-Not in almost half a year. I wonder how mad my readers will be if they find out that I only have… six pages typed out. Not even half done. My life is so hellish at the moment, though. I only got two hours of sleep the other night because of the stupid science fair project. I’m working with fire. Lots of fire. And I’m a total pyrophobe. That’s the reason I can’t cook to save my life. I’ve only lit one match in my whole life, and I had screamed the moment the match ignited.

~ I made this the other day. It took such a long time, but I love the end result. The design is not mine, but I can’t recall where I found it. It’s hanging from the chandelier at the moment.


~ I have the chance to send something I wrote via email to Tui Sutherland, a published author, and have her critique it. Honestly, I don’t really know who she is, I haven’t read any of her works, and I don’t know if her writing is suckish in technical terms, like the writing in Twilight, but I don’t care. She’s published! It’s my dream to have a novel published. But… the thing is, I don’t have the time to write anything new for her. Maybe I’ll convert part of one of my fanfictions to original fiction and send that to her. After all, Forget-Me-Not used to be original fiction before I got tired with it.

~ I heard that Markus and his supposed “one and only true love” have separated. It shames me that my first thought was, “Ha, do you still believe in love now?” xP

~ A kid died at my brother’s school last week. I wonder if they knew each other, since they were in the same grade. My heart goes out to his poor family. And because I go to a Catholic school, I’ll pray for them.

Hmm, I think this is enough for one entry. Because I know what will happen if I allow myself to type too much. Oh wait, almost forgot: my resolutions.

Resolutions Update:

Nothing accomplished at all! Isn’t that lovely?

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^-^

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