Digging Up Old Memories

I had been searching for my old sketchbook from last year for several months now.  Well… I finally found it. Smartly concealed under a bunch of school textbooks I stole from my fourth grade classroom. ;D And I thought I should archive the drawings I think are worthy of being archived. I’m an artist, having almost been voted “Most Artistic” in eighth grade, but I am by no means a great or serious artist. The purpose of this archive is to save my drawings so I could laugh at them when I’m older.

In no particular order, here they are.


  • My little brother, who was eleven at the time of the sketch. I’m somewhat proud of how the shirt turned out, but I couldn’t get his skinny, twigs-for-legs right.


  • Er, I’m not sure why I decided to draw my friend’s ring, but I did. The “J” looks pretty.


  • My hand. I distinctly remember trying to sketch it in the middle of French class. I was surprised the teacher didn’t notice, since I had my left held up like that for half the class. Yeah, I have a chubby hand. =(


  • I sketched this right after I finished the picture before this. I need to cut my nails.


  • This was before I learned how to shade and do shadows. Bleh.


  • “I am thankful for knowledge and literature.” This was a Thanksgiving thing, and since I can’t draw people at all, I assembled this and drew it.


  • I am very proud of the rose in the center, colored with crayon. It looks better if you stare at it from a distance. Ignore the background.


  • It’s a sneaker. That is all. What’s amazing about this sketch is that I did it around midnight, when I’m a drowsy, numb zombie.


  • Chocolate. Mmmm.


  • Half of this is from a magazine, and I recreated the other half. I like her dress. I don’t like her face.


  • Same rose as above, except this one is done in watercolor. Took me a week to do this one. Watercolor is hard.


  • My hand was cramping so badly after I finished this, but I was really happy with the result.


  • A drawing with a green theme. The bear’s name is Teddy. I favor him over his nineteen brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, he went missing five months ago.


  • I tried to paint John Constable’s Wivenhoe Park, Essex. He used oil, I used watercolor. That probably explains why mine is so bright.


Resolutions update:

#40. Use the laptop more often – Accomplished!

#50. Spam my school’s literary magazine with my writing – Accomplished!

I’m slowly getting there!

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^-^


One thought on “Digging Up Old Memories

  1. That’s pretty exciting! I’m studying art in singapore right now, and I remember picking up my older sketches and wondering how on earth I used to look at things/how things looked to me. :) It’s strange how we people draw similar things… hands, pencils, just everyday objects.

    I guess we’ll out grow in the end, but long live art!

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