Things to Accomplish Before 2010

…AKA my New Year’s resolutions.

For the first time ever, I’ve actually compiled a list of resolutions/goals for the new year! I don’t like to set goals for myself, since I usually just cope with what each day brings, but I’m going to try this time.

2008 for me was… meh. Nothing special, just another year that’s passed. College is looming dangerously close. Since I’m in my sophomore year, I should be considering what I should major in or what college I should apply to, but I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do in the future. My parents want me to go to a university near home (translation: in the same state) so I won’t have to move out.

…I’m still thinking about that. I can only stand them for so long.

Harvard University seems like a possibility, though I don’t think I want to go there. I have the grades for it, but not the ambition or smarts. Why bother? There’s still the matter of the SATs. I ALWAYS bomb the math part of any standardized test. Always. I remember when I once ran out of time while taking a test to be accepted into an exam school, so I just filled in as many bubbles as I could without being caught. xP

The college I’m considering is not too big or too small, has a good reputation, and is a private college. Being in private schools all my life, I’m a little intimidated by all public schools. There’s also the matter of the tuition. Private schools usually cost way more than public colleges. The school I’m interested in right now is $36,000.

As for what I’m going to major in, probably either psychology or creative writing. Which means, in the future, I’d like to be a psychiatrist/psychologist who writes part-time. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I’ve dawdled enough. Here’s my list of resolutions/goals for 2009. Wonder how many I can come up with.

Things to Do During the New Year

1. Train my mouth to say the right things to people.

2. Improve my singing enough so that I can match the intensity of Hayley Williams’s voice (of Paramore).

3. Teach myself  to play at least one song on my keyboard.

4. Write faster.

5. Finish at least one chapter of Forget-Me-Not every two months (see resolution #4).

6. Stop neglecting my kind-of-but-not-really-autobiography, How Cliche (see resolution #4).

7. Maintain my perfect GPA.

8. Control Nana, the not-so-nice side of me.

9. Keep Mimi, the bubbly side of me, from being so annoyingly optimistic.

10. Add more songs to my iPod.

11. Quit leaving things until the last minute. (We don’t want a repeat of last year’s science fair project incident, do we?)

12. Continue to avoid swearing out loud.

13. Try to further develop those plot bunnies floating in my head.

14. Be able to sing Paramore’s “Emergency” without shredding my throat.

15. Learn how to harmonize.

16. Write in my online journal once a week.

17. Get over Merry.

18. Get over Markus. *mustmustmust*

19. Cure my brother of his paranoia. (The world is NOT out to get you, man!)

20. Study the English language further.

21. Try to match the math skills of my twelve-year-old brother, the human calculator.

22. Continue sketching still-lifes again.

23. Collect more perfume samples from Macy’s catalogues. =D

24. Be less arrogant (see resolution #8).

25. Acquire more than four hours of sleep a night.

26. Improve my vocabulary.

27. Lose weight (which may be impossible, seeing how my mother feeds people for a living >_<).

28. Find more music I like.

29. Write better.

30. Lessen my intense dislike of Twilight.

31. Cut down on the fancy vocab when talking to people, especially to little children.

32. Stop rolling my eyes whenever I see non-Japanese people wanting to become Japanese only because of the entertainment.

33. Stop rolling my eyes in general.

34. Buy a microphone to record my voice, to see how I really sound.

35. Participate more in Health class to show the teacher that I’m at least pretending to care.

36. Read more books.

37. Finish my “Fun with Anime Characters” entries.

38. Remember to breathe when presenting in front of the class.

39. Quit being so intensely studious.

40. Use the laptop more often.

41. Stop being so damn lazy.

42. Conquer my irrational fears of grown men, telephones, and crowds.

43. Rebel against my parents discreetly.

45. Stop being such a goody-two-shoes, dammit.

46. Craft more jewelry.

47. Keep redecorating the house. :D

48. Buy a new pair of school shoes to replace the ones I’ve been wearing since I was twelve.

49. Tell my bitch of a mother off (and not get killed for it).

50. Spam my school’s literary magazine with my writing. ^-^

51. Learn how to be a friend.

52. Sing solo in front of people.

…Phew, I think that’s enough. Throughout the year, I’ll be sure to make notes in my journal entries whenever I achieve a goal. Hopefully, I can get through half of them before next year. Right now, I’m going to work on resolution #5. Later, journal.




I just remembered that I haven’t done ANY of my Christmas vacation homework! I have a project for English, a lengthy French assignment, twenty-five pages of Religion to read and outline, a Health midterm project, and my science fair project to work on before the 5th of January. *bangs head on granite table repeatedly* I’m screwed I’m screwed I’m screwed I’m SCREWED.

Looks like I’m far from accomplishing resolution #11. -___-

Until next time,

~ Mimi T_T

One thought on “Things to Accomplish Before 2010

  1. You are hilarious…I love it!


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