A “Merry” Moment

As an English assignment due yesterday, we had to write our own persuasive speech on any topic we wanted. I chose a less serious one and went with “Why Being Overprotective Can Be a Bad Thing,” a speech addressed to my parents.

(Although, I would never actually read them the speech. If I used that tone with them I’d be a dead girl.)

I was supposed to use facts, which I think I did, but mainly my speech was fueled by raw emotion, mostly anger and frustration. I hadn’t expected such a strong reaction when I delivered my speech in front of the class, who had to pretend to be my parents for a day, but they applauded loudly once I finished. Some shouted praising comments at me, but I didn’t catch most of them because I was so embarrassed that people liked my speech so much.

The other students had to grade my performance and maybe provide a comment or two, so I hope they were kind enough to give me a high-ish score. I was supposed to grade my own performance. I gave myself a 36 out of 40.

When Merry gave her speech, I couldn’t help but pay more attention to her than I did to anyone else. If I remember correctly, I gave her a fair score of 38 out of 40. And lots of applause after she was done. I adore this girl.

We finally got a chance to talk during our study period today. We see a lot of each other and hang out in the same crowd, but we don’t talk often, since I don’t talk much, even to my closest friends. She was sitting next to me, and she told me how much she loved my speech. The comment she had written for me was: “Mimi never ceases to amaze me.”

I was taken aback, but I felt myself glowing with happiness that Merry acknowledged me. This is definitely going into my mental archive of Merry Moments, since they don’t happen that often.

Until next time,

~ Mimi =D

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