The Ghost of Sister Frances

I learned about something very interesting several days ago, during our weekly Anime Club meeting in school (yeahI’madorkshutup). I’m probably the member who knows the least about anime — and the only reason I joined was because my anime-obsessed friend pressured me to join — so my main job in the club is to work on our own graphic novel. But yesterday, many of the members were off preparing for some school event in the evening, so the meeting was kind of canceled.

So I sat at the table with three other girls, doing what girls are notorious for — talking — and that was when I learned that our school had a ghost.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I believe this. I mean, I’ve never doubted the existence of unearthly spirits, but I doubt there is one wandering the halls of my school. But students have reported sightings, mostly on the second floor. And if you stay really late after school, they say that odd sounds can be heard. And I’m not talking about the usual clanking of the pipes.

Sister Frances’s death actually happened, though. That is a fact, not some story some loony kook made up to freak the students. She taught at my school many years ago (a little less than a century, I think) in the class I have Chemistry in. They found her dead in that very classroom.

Now, I don’t know how she died, or why her spirit stayed behind. I’m sure it wasn’t murder. She probably died of old age or a heart attack or something like that. As for her spirit staying behind, my school used to be a boarding school, so she could have lived there and gotten so attached to the place that she didn’t want to leave.

I know of two specific instances where Sister Frances made an appearance:

My Biology teacher last year stayed after school late to correct papers. She was the only one left in the building, so she turned off all the lights and started to leave. When she heard solid footsteps directly behind her, she apologized and turned on the lights. But there was no one behind her.

The second time, someone actually saw her. It was during a sleepover at my school, and out of nowhere, one of the girls screamed. Just as she was about to go to sleep, she saw Sister Frances right in front of her.


So, what do I think of all this? The Bio teacher’s a little eccentric, but she doesn’t lie, so I believe her. And the girl who saw Sister Frances didn’t even know about her ghost, so I believe that, too. It’s kind of cool to know that there’s a ghost in my school, but now I’ll refuse to be on the second floor alone. Especially if it’s dark, because the EXIT signs at each doorway make the halls glow an ominous red. Reminds me of blood-splattered halls in horror films. -shudders-

Until next time,

~ Mimi :)

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