All Hallows’ Eve

What a week. I had an approximate total of seventeen hours of sleep in the past five days. You teachers sure like to suffocate us, huh? Homework should be classified as a device of torture. >_<

But today, I put all that behind me and went trick-or-treating! So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Yeah, I’m a bit old, but I love candy. ^-^ I dressed up as a stereotypical goth girl, since I’m not goth at all. My costume consisted of mainly my mother’s normal stuff O_o:

-her black silky tank top
-a lacy top over the tank
-a black skirt
-black tights
-black eyeliner
-black eyeshadow
-dark red lipstick

Besides these, I also wore:

-a black choker with a heart pendant
-a pair of black hoop earrings
-my black pumps I wore only once before
-black lip-gloss
-a skull ring
-black nail polish
-a pair of fingerless gloves going past my elbows that I made out of my mother’s old fishnets

My hair is already black, so I left it alone. I earned stares wherever I went, as I’m sure I looked quite bizarre. I really don’t have the goth attitude, so I just acted like my normal cheery self. My friends told me I should consider going goth because the look suited me. o_O

When I dressed up for costume day at school, two people told me I scared them, two people wanted to steal my costume because they loved it, one person took a picture of me, one told me I should stick to this look because I apparently look good in lots of eye make-up and creepy black clothing, and everyone else told me I looked, um, pretty as a goth. (It was just like last year, when I had gone as a devil girl – haha, the devil in a Catholic school – and everyone was gushing over how cute I looked when I didn’t intend to look cute.)

This one old dude asked me wasn’t I too old for trick-or-treating? He thought I was twenty-one, for crissakes. I’m fifteen, sixteen in December, which is nowhere near twenty-one. I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not. =/

And I’m NOT including a photo, since I looked absolutely ridiculous.

I ran into an old friend, Dane, from middle school while trick-or-treating. I used to hang out with him all the time. I’m surprised I don’t see him more often; we do live on the same street, after all. It’s been approximately two years since I last saw Dane, and boy did he grow up. His voice is so much deeper now. I wonder if I sound different to him. He used to be shorter than me, which makes sense since he’s younger than me by a year. While I’m stuck at an icky 5’3″ (160 cm), he sprouted into a towering 5’10” (180 cm).

I know he’s younger, but I felt a spark of something when I saw him. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach and I felt myself perk up. We used to be close-ish friends, talked a lot, hung out in the same crowd, but I never felt even remotely romantically attracted to him. Sure, he was cute, but that didn’t matter. I always treated him as a little brother. Something’s wrong with me.

Anyway, I will definitely finish “Fun with Anime Characters,” just not today. Just taking a little break from it, since answering those ridiculous questions takes too much thinking on my part. Night, journal.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

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