First Entry! (And I feel stupid for starting it like this…)

Yay, my first entry in my online journal! I could have just used LJ, but I like WordPress better, for some strange reason. I like my anonymity here.

Anyway, yesterday my parents dragged The Pest and me to another house party. I’m not a party girl — I hate parties, to be exact — so people have to force me to come. It was very, very quiet at first. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever been to such a quiet party. Then two hours passed. I got bored and starting playing with some Play-Doh I saw lying around.

Five minutes later, more people came.

Dear God.

The group of people who arrived was impossibly rowdy. There was one kid who seemingly didn’t know how to talk at normal volumes, instead screaming his sentences. I just kept on playing with my Play-Doh in the living room, deciding to ignore the noise.

Then I saw him, standing by the doorway.

He was possibly the most gorgeous boy I’d ever laid my eyes on. Granted, I don’t see many boys, being in an all girls school, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone quite like him. He looked to be about my age, possibly older. So, what did I do?

I avoided him, of course.

When I see people like that, my mind shuts down and I don’t know how to act around them. The best way to avoid certain embarrassment is to stay away from those people. Naturally, with my luck, avoiding Mr. Gorgeous didn’t become an option.

The new people who came decided to bring out the beer and have a drinking contest. O_o The Pest and I escaped into my cousin Ame’s teeny room, where she had been calmly using her computer the entire day. Mr. Gorgeous and his little brother, wanting to hide from the noise, followed us and shut the door behind them.

Ame, Mr. Gorgeous, his brother, The Pest, and I were cramped into a square room maybe 10 feet long and 10 feet wide, most of it taken up by a queen sized bed.

We, with the exception of my cousin, all stood there staring at each other.

Ame: You’re such awkward people.

A bunch of kids suddenly burst into the room and began screaming. It took the four of us to push them out, and I guess that sort of broke the ice for us. Thanks, loud people!

For some reason, Mr. Gorgeous’s brother, who’s eleven, and my brother, twelve, got into some sort of boy-fight. I’m guessing it’s a guy thing to body slam each other for fun. I left to go to use the bathroom for a minute, and when I returned, Mr. Gorgeous was repeatedly punching my brother in the gut.

Me: Whoa, I was gone for five seconds. Why are you beating him up?
Mr. Gorgeous:
[pointing at The Pest] He hit my sister.
Oh. Carry on.

The next two hours passed with us just lounging around while Ame turned on some music for us to listen to. During that time, I discovered how old the boy is.

Thirteen. He’s thirteen years old. One year older than my little brother. He’s in eighth grade. As in, NOT high school. Not my age. Several years younger, in fact.

Argh, I spent the entire evening infatuated over a YOUNGER GUY. That probably explained his constant immaturity. I feel stupid. TT-TT Well, forget about him!

Oh, and before I went home, I used some Play-Doh and spelled out a message for the boy and his brother on my cousin’s vanity. This was what it read:

– Mimi

I also found out that the boy’s name is actually very similar to my real name, except, you know, more guyish.


After, on the ride home, my mother was all over my case about being in a small room with a boy.

Mama: (casually) So… what were you doing in there?

We really didn’t do anything but hang out, but I could STILL feel myself blushing despite that, all because of what she was implying. Thank goodness it was 10 o’ clock at night or else Mama would have been even more suspicious.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^-^

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